Student Life


Numerous events and activities take place on campus throughout the semesters, including weekly concerts, salsa dancing, aerobics, lectures, conferences on a wide range of topics, and sports competitions.
Students at the International School are strongly encouraged to participate
in these activities.

Social Activities

The University of Haifa International School offers a range of optional co-curricular activities for students participating in the various international programs. An experienced staff of student activity coordinators prepares an extensive itinerary of trips and tours which offers students an enlightening view of Israel, its people, natural beauty and cultural sites. Visiting lecturers come to speak on various aspects of life in Israel, including politics, security, religion, culture and other topics of interest to the students. For a list of typical social activities please click here.

The Library

There are a number of facilities on campus to which our MA students will enjoy full access. The University of Haifa Library, offering computerized services as well as some two million book and non-book items, is one of the most advanced of its kind in the country. The library houses a large collection of both English and Hebrew books, as well as smaller collections of books in other languages.


Computer Rooms

There are computer rooms available throughout the University campus as well as in the dormitories for student use. The computers are IBM compatible and are equipped with internet and Microsoft software programs. In order to print, students will need to purchase a print card. Hours of the computer rooms vary depending on location.


Athletic Facilities

All MA students are welcome to purchase a membership to the Sports Center on campus. The Sports Center includes a gym with a variety of aerobic and weightlifting machines, tennis courts, and several large gyms for basketball, volleyball, and other activities.


Community Service

The International School encourages all students to volunteer in the greater Haifa community while studying in one of our programs. Native English speakers may choose to tutor immigrant children and youth. Students who wish to participate are paired up with an immigrant child, usually from Ethiopia or the former Soviet Union, and meet once a week. Non-native English speaking students may volunteer to visit a senior citizens' home or to tutor university students in a foreign language other than English.


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