Cochavit Elefant, PhD


Director of the Graduate School of Creative Arts Therapies

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 Dr. Cochavit Elefant is the new director of the Graduate School of Creative Arts Therapies at the University of Haifa. Previously she, was the head of the Music Therapy MA program at the University of Haifa. She also worked as an Associate Professor of Music Therapy at the Grieg Academy –University of Bergen, Norway. She is a member of the International Collaborative Consortium in Music Therapy Research Project Team. She has co-authored a book on research on Participatory Action Research in the field of Community Music Therapy.


Dr. Elefant has an extensive clinical experience with children with Autism and developmental disabilities. She received an award from the International Rett Syndrome Association for her findings and work in this field. She was also the co-founder of the Israeli National Rett Syndrome Association. Dr. Elefant is an Associate Editor for the Nordic Journal of Music Therapy.







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