International Academic Cooperation Agreements

The University of Haifa cooperates and has academic agreements with a large number of colleges and universities in North America, Europe, and East Asia.


Ideally, formal agreements have their origin in already existing informal ties between University of Haifa faculty members and colleagues abroad.

An agreement generally happens when such informally developed cooperative ventures start showing a realistic promise of broader collaboration in research and exchange of scholars and/or students, and both sides agree they stand to benefit from formalizing those ties. Mutual collaboration agreements are prepared jointly through negotiations by designated parties (usually the person initiating the collaboration) representing the partner institutions and require the signature of the appropriate officials. On behalf of the University of Haifa all research agreements need to be signed by the President, Rector, and Vice President, and Dean of Research.

International cooperation agreements that contain no research element, but are exclusively geared to creating mutual teaching programs and designing common curricula, are the purview of the Rector’s Office. These require the signature of the President and the Rector.

The University of Haifa, together with its legal advisor, has designed a special Framework for Academic Collaboration (“model agreement”) that provides the general outlines of the cooperation envisioned by both sides. Where required, this then forms the basis for subsequent Specific Cooperation Agreements that lay down the details of organizational, technical, and financial aspects and contain terms relating to intellectual property rights and procedures for publication etc.

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