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With the goal of expanding international collaborations in both practical and research domains, the Graduate School of Creative Arts Therapies initiated the development of a psycho-social creative therapy training program in third world countries. These programs, in collaboration with IsraAid (an NGO humanitarian organization), are aimed to promote the well-being and coping skills of deprived populations such as refugees, traumatized children, and survivors of natural disasters. These training programs have taken place in the Philippines, Kenya, South Africa, Japan, and will soon launch in Tanzania.

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Psychosocial Certificate Training in Tanzania
The University of Haifa, represented by Prof. Rachel Lev-Wiesel, met with the Deaf Academic College of Tanzania and Dar Es Salam to establish a certificate training program to train participants to be psychosocial facilitators and educators within their own communities. The training will consist of 5 months where participants will learn to use therapeutic art-based tools, which will enable them to work in their communities to alleviate situations of extreme stress relevant to their life context and to help promote resilience and coping skills in the face of the consequences of trauma. The beginning of the training program will focus on theory and techniques through the participants’ own experiences and learning process. The final segment will be dedicated to experiential arts-based techniques, such as visual arts, music, movement, and drama and it will give participants a deeper understanding of specific groups as they perform supervised interventions within in the community. Once this program is established in creative arts therapies, it will be expanded to other therapeutic areas, such as occupational therapy and speech therapy.


The Kakuma Project for Refugee Advancement: Psycho-Social Community-Facilitators Certificate Program
A collaboration between IsraAID and the Graduate School of Creative Arts Therapies, the University of Haifa launched the community-facilitators certificate program in creative arts therapies (CAT) for refugees in Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya. With the aid of a supervisor, graduates from the Graduate School of Creative Arts Therapies teach a group of refugees the knowledge and skills to assist others in the camp. The four-month certificate program trains these refugees to assist the community with non-verbal therapeutic tools in order to process their traumatic experiences and the consequences of extreme stress. The refugee trainees learn how to use arts-based therapeutic tools to help community members suffering from situations of extreme stress relevant to the context of their lives. The first group of refugee facilitators graduated from the program in October 2013. The next training program is planned to start in the summer of 2014.


CAT Training Program for Professionals in the Philippines
In February 2014, the Graduate School of Creative Arts Therapies, the University of Haifa will begin a creative arts therapies (CAT) training program for Philippine professionals. Dr. Tammy Bar-On will direct and supervise the program, as graduates from the University of Haifa will teach participants how to use art-based interventions in social services and healthcare professions. The three-month program will take place various times throughout 2014, giving a larger number of Philippine professionals the opportunity to take advantage of this professional advancement program as well as giving various University of Haifa graduates the opportunity to work in the field and teach abroad.

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