MA Programs in Hebrew

The MA in Creative Arts Therapies is a two-year program, six semesters. Each academic year begins in mid-October and ends in mid-July. Students can choose between a thesis track and a non-thesis track with a final examination.In addition, students complete 600 hours of clinical field training during the two academic years. On-site individual supervision and group supervision at the university are provided by experienced creative arts therapists who specialize in the student’s modality.

After successful completion of all program requirements, graduatesreceive a master's degree in Creative Arts Therapies (Tipul Be'emtzaut Omanuyot) with a specialization in one of the five modalities (Art Therapy, Dance Movement Therapy, Music Therapy, Drama Therapy, and Psychodrama) and adiploma supplement confirming the completion of the 600 field training hours. Graduates are also provided with an academic transcript listing the courses they took, the number of credits earned, and the grade for each course.After the two academic years, students complete a third year of advanced clinical training of additional 960 hours.

Art Therapy Head - Dr. Dafna Regev

Dance/Movement Therapy Head - Dr. Dita Federman

Music Therapy Head - Dr. Dikla Kerem

Drama Therapy/Psychodrama Head - Dr. Dani Yaniv


Admissions Requirements and Pre-requisites - Programs Taught in Hebrew

Academic Prerequisites

General Admission Requirements

Intro to Psychology 2 credits

Accredited BA (grade 85+)

Physio-psychology 2 credits

English exam (grade 75+)

Personality Theories 2 credits

Recommendation letter from an academic

Developmental Psychology 4 credits

Curriculum Vitae & passport photo

Psychopathology 4 credits

Personal statement

Research Methods 2 credits

Interview (group and/or individual)

Statistics 2 credits

Hebrew exam*

Total: 18 credits (= 320 h).

GRE **


*Candidates who hold a B.A. degree from an accredited institution of higher education whose language of instruction is other than Hebrew must pass an examination testing the candidate’s knowledge of Hebrew at a level required by the University.

** Candidates for the master’s degree who are graduates of accredited universities abroad or of universities with branches in Israel that operate with the approval of the Council for Higher Education must pass the GRE test or complete supplementary bachelor’s studies.

Arts-Based Prerequisites

Each program requires 500 hours of arts-based pre-requisites and a portfolio. Please contact the program heads for more detailed information as to what qualifies towards the hours of training.

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